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Sports Therapy and Massage Edinburgh

Murray Collier Sports Therapy is a specialist clinic in Edinburgh devoted towards the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of pain and injuries. We specialise in sports injuries, low back, neck, shoulder and arm pain whether it is from repetitive strain, poor posture or acute injury. We provide massage therapy, joint mobilisations, electrotherapy and many other pain relieving techniques in Edinburgh.


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Sports Therapy Sessions

Discover a smarter, faster recovery.

  • Our Sports Therapy is a unique service based in Edinburgh. A typical session includes an in-depth assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation as well as any corrective exercises. This combination makes every session geared towards getting you feeling and moving better than ever.

£48 per hour

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Sports Massage

Your new tool for injury prevention.

  • Our Sports Massage is an effective method of relieving muscular stress built-up from Sport or even just daily working life, making it non-specific to athletes. Sports Massage is great for maintenance. Sports Therapy sessions are recommended for major aches, pains or injuries.

£43 per hour

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Deep Tissue Massage

Breaking down tension tactically.

  • Our Edinburgh based Deep Tissue Massage is great for relieving tension and stress from daily working life or poor posture. Like all our treatments it includes an assessment but is a little less specific and more massage orientated to appeal to those who love massage.

£43 per hour

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Taping and Strapping

An additional tool for your recovery.

  • Our Sports Injury and Kinesio taping is incorporated into the clinic at all times when necessary although it is free of charge when used in a Sports Therapy session. This helps us support joints, improve posture and by reducing pain, lets us really accelerate our patients recovery.


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Ultrasound, TENS and interferential therapy.

  • We provide electrotherapy when and where necessary as part of our injury rehabilitation service. This form of therapy can help relieve pain, re-gain strength and function as well as reduce swelling.

Sessions from £40 per hour

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Postural Analysis

A unique whole-body treatmet approach.

  • At the clinic offer a picture progress service free of charge and also use a unique postural analysis making posture more understandable for patients.

Included in any session

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Our Unique Approach

1. Consultation

A friendly discussion about what is bothering you and what you want to get out of your visit to our clinic.

2. Assessment

We will take you through a holistically intelligent assessment with a whole-body approach - 100% tailored to getting you more than better.

3. Treatment

With our pain-relieving methods, hands-on skills and rehabilitation - you will recieve out-and-out expert care every step of the way.

4. Results

The best bit, see lasting results through treatment, rehabilitation and re-assessments, simple.

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Murray Collier

Sports Therapist & Founder

Partners with Edinburgh University

Working as the First Team Sports Therapist

Partners with Canning Street Yoga

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  • Murray treated my low back pain over 6 weeks as I worked on my rehab plan. The pain has gone and it doesn't feel the slightest bit tight anymore. Thanks Murray.

    James - Lawyer

  • First massage session with Murray tonight, focusing on shin splints and an old hamstring strain. Very knowledgeable, great massage and excercises for home. Will definitely be returning.

    Heather - Profesional Stage Dancer

  • Very knowledgeable and professional – Highly recommended!As a Martial Arts instructor/student its my job to push my body to its limits. Being a massage therapist myself, Murray is knowledgable, experienced and a nice guy too.

    Graeme Temple - World Champion Martial Artist

  • I would highly recommend Murray his knowledge and professionalism is second to none! As a keen cyclist who was experiencing an injury preventing me from carrying out my hobby Murray helped me so much with my injury and recovery and would not hesitate recommending his clinic to others.

    Richard- Cyclist

  • I have received treatment from Murray after a sports injury and highly recommend him. He did a thorough assessment which was very knowledgeable and informative, and he also showed me some exercises that I could practice at home, which I found very helpful and effective. Murray is very committed to his profession while at the same time providing a friendly environment. I'll definitely be back.

    Kate - Photographer

  • Very Knowledgable, I was very impressed, Murray defiantly know what he's talking about and offers a great service with fantastic advice and help. Thank you.

    Sirinya Williams - Personal Trainer

  • I have had thoracic-outlet syndrome (a horrible neck problem), for years. It hasn't been easy but over a few months Murray has got me pain-free and my posture looks way better, I can't thank him highly enough.

    Sharon - Accountant

  • Went to visit Murray with shoulder pain, Unable to have much movement in my left arm I was feeling a bit down. After a good massage and some exercises and also very kindly strapped up my shoulder, it already feels ten times better than it was before I arrived. Booked again for next week

    David - Gas Engineer


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