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Since establishing in 2014, we’ve become a popular sports therapy, physiotherapy and massage clinic in the centre of Edinburgh. We are dedicated to improving a wide range of musculoskeletal pain and injuries. We offer physiotherapy and sports therapy treatment for those with significant pain or injury as well as sports and deep tissue massage for those seeking maintenance and recovery from work or sport. We see thousands of patients year-round from all backgrounds. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and skills but we also believe in gaining a better understanding of our patients whilst providing a fun and friendly atmosphere. We are a small family-run clinic and also plant a tree for every appointment! 🌱

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Massage & Treatments

Physio/ Sports Therapy

For pain and injuries

  • Sports Therapy and pain treatment sessions are perfect for those suffering with pain or injury, and looking for hands-on treatment. Sessions can include massage, electrotherapy, acupuncture, taping and ultrasound. This session is for anyone, not just for athletes.

Starting from £45

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Sports Massage

For minor aches and pains

  • Sports Massage is a fantastic method of reducing tension, stress and pain. Professional sports massage therapists have great anatomical and physiological knowledge and can apply treatment specifically to your ache or pain. Again, this is not just recommended for athletes.

Starting from £35

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Deep Tissue Massage

For minor aches and pains

  • Deep Tissue Massage, like sports massage, can reduce tension, stress and pain. Our therapists can use your deep tissue session to great advantage leaving you feeling looser, moving better and feeling great. All walks of people can enjoy a deep tissue massage.

Starting from £35

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Can be included in all sessions

  • As part of our therapy sessions, we can include acupuncture (dry-needling) to further help reduce muscular tightness and diminish pain. Our therapists are fully trained in dry-needling and believe it is best included as part of an integrative treatment plan than alone. Highly recommended.

Included in Sports Therapy sessions

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Included in therapy sessions

  • We can include electrotherapy (TENS, interferential) as part of our treatment plans. Ultrasound is also another treatment that we apply, usually only for fresh injuries to help compliment the healing phases. Electrotherapy is pain-free and more importantly, pain-reducing.

Included in Sports Therapy sessions

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Treatment process

1. Consultation

A friendly discussion about what is bothering you and what you want to get out of your visit to our clinic.

2. Assessment

We will take you through a holistically intelligent assessment 100% tailored to getting you feeling better.

3. Treatment

With our pain relieving methods, hands-on skills and rehabilitation you will recieve out-and-out expert care.

4. Results

The best bit, see lasting results through treatment, rehabilitation and re-assessments.

About us

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Murray Collier

Clinic Director & Lead Sports Therapist

Aránzazu Lopez

Specialist MSK Physiotherapist & Osteopath

Maddy Furnival

Sports Massage & Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Didem Gökçebel

Sports Therapist & Certified Yoga Teacher

Lauren Smith

Admin Assistant

  • Murray treated my low back pain over 6 weeks as I worked on my rehab plan. The pain has gone and it doesn't feel the slightest bit tight anymore. Thanks Murray.

    James - Lawyer

  • First sports massage session with Murray tonight, focusing on shin splints and an old hamstring strain. Very knowledgeable, great massage and excercises for home. Will definitely be returning.

    Heather - Profesional Stage Dancer

  • Very knowledgeable and professional – Highly recommended!As a Martial Arts instructor/student its my job to push my body to its limits. Being a massage therapist myself, Murray is knowledgable, experienced and a nice guy too.

    Graeme Temple - World Champion Martial Artist

  • I would highly recommend Murray his knowledge and professionalism is second to none! As a keen cyclist who was experiencing an injury preventing me from carrying out my hobby Murray helped me so much with my injury and recovery and would not hesitate recommending his clinic to others.

    Richard- Cyclist

  • I have received sports massage treatment from Murray after a sports injury and highly recommend him. He did a thorough assessment which was very knowledgeable and informative, and he also showed me some exercises that I could practice at home, which I found very helpful and effective. Murray is very committed to his profession while at the same time providing a friendly environment. I'll definitely be back.

    Kate - Photographer

  • Very Knowledgable, I was very impressed, Murray defiantly know what he's talking about and offers a great service with fantastic advice and help. Thank you.

    Sirinya Williams - Personal Trainer

  • I have had thoracic-outlet syndrome (a horrible neck problem), for years. It hasn't been easy but over a few months Murray has got me pain-free and my posture looks way better, I can't thank him highly enough.

    Sharon - Accountant

  • Went to visit Murray with shoulder pain, Unable to have much movement in my left arm I was feeling a bit down. After a good massage and some exercises and also very kindly strapped up my shoulder, it already feels ten times better than it was before I arrived. Booked again for next week

    David - Gas Engineer

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